The Drill:
Crisis & emergency communication simulation

Are you fully prepared for an online disaster
Is your brand or organisation 'Crisis3.0' ready?
Worried you couldn't manage a multimedia meltdown?
Want to get crisis ready with a social media simulation?
The Drill replicates the most commonly used styles of social media platforms.

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Ready for a crisis communications simulation?

Learn the drill with The Drill: the only social media training system built by Australian crisis and communication experts.

We’ve all heard about increases in social media crises, attacks and the accompanying PR and career humiliation. What if you could easily do a Facebook crisis simulation or practice for a Twitter meltdown?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could safely practice how to handle such attacks, and protect your brand or business from social media disasters? You wouldn’t fear PR disasters, because you’d be trained and drilled to avoid modern media crises.

The Drill realistically replicates traditional trans-media outlets and pressures - PLUS all main social media channels - to test your ability to manage online news and reputation issues. It mimics the super-charged atmosphere of social media crises, to show how to test crisis communications in a digital world.

Try a Drill crisis simulation scenario, and you'll learn the methodological steps and stages to empower you to handle crisis, disaster, emergency and issues communication like a pro.

Not a crisis simulation game!

Don't play a social media simulation game and end up with a crisis! Learn and practice the essential communications planning, response and publishing skills you need in a safe, password-protected crisis simulation and training environment.

Trans-media crisis software

Learn the secrets to cohesive and effective communications in a modern crisis or a trans-media emergency. Get the skills, the system and the stakeholder 'smarts' to help you manage a crisis accurately and effectively.

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Become a great crisis communicator.

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Simulation experts

Discover, integrate and practice the inside tips, techniques and tools from our team of academic, crisis comms, issues management, journalism and PR trainers. Our crisis communication trainers are all crisis management experts, with Australian NZ and USA crisis expertise.

In crisis, you need the support of expert practitioners. The Drill trainers are all issues and crisis front-liners, bringing you cutting-edge, international expertise from Australia, the UK, USA, East Asia and Europe. Our holistic approach encompasses research, strategy, process planning, role allocation, teamwork, tactical execution and post-crisis evaluation and reporting.

And because your job and reputation rests on making the right decisions when things go wrong, our crisis advisers are committed to structuring and delivering the best crisis plans in the business. That’s just another benefit of The Drill communications training platform.

So now, there's no reason to be blindsided by a crisis. With training offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and, soon, Brisbane The Drill can also put people on the ground where and whenever you need to test your disaster and emergency plans, or up-skill your crisis communications expertise.

Crisis strategy kit

The Drill was developed by Engage ORM; one of Australasia's original - and most respected - online reputation and issues management consultancies. More than concocted crises; you'll access a suite of processes and technologies from specialist crisis consultants.

Effective PR and social media management is a crisis mandatory. Reaching and empowering stakeholders using influential technologies, online media and SEO directly improves crisis communication and reputation maintenance. Now you can practice in a 100% safe, 100% realistic training environment.

You can trust us to prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from crises via highly effective issues management, incident management and stakeholder communications.

Are you tracking a facility-located incident and need some sage advice? Are you facing online activists and don't know how to respond or react? Are you looking to update your crisis plans to cope with the threats of the new media environment?

Simply call us on +61 03 8618 6841, and get crisis ready and we'll tell you how quickly and efficiently we can help.

Response templates

Our simulation training combines a crisis response methodology PLUS a learning environment that mimics social media, stakeholders & trans-media pressures. Four, easily memorised crisis handling steps to keep you calm and best inform your crisis management.

Essentially, you need to ensure that your crisis capabilities are comprehensive, contemporary and tested against the tough new challenges presented by the digital news media environment. The Drill trans-media communications simulator is based on a proprietary, four-step education and learning methodology that effectively manages modern crises. We can also test business continuity plans and how they align with crisis communications plans - or templates - in our online classroom environment.

So, if your crisis plans have been sitting on the shelf for years, give The Drill a call and get crisis ready.

Or, if you would like to chat with one of our expert team, simply send us an email or call our client crisis hotline +61 03 8618 6841.

Practice, learn and perfect with an interactive crisis simulation

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  • Choose your crisis or let us develop one
  • Log into our secure communications simulation environment
  • Your crisis scenarios escalate in real time
  • Your crisis strategy becomes crisis content
  • Our reputation experts challenge, advise and coach
  • Your crisis evaluation report is produced

Participants learn how to run a crisis simulation!

What participants say about our crisis communication exercises…

"We were very pleased with the exercise which raised awareness and was a valuable tool to update our plans."
Mark S, Co-ordinator Risk Management & Insurance, VIC

"Once again, thank you for helping us run the Drill exercise for our client. As you know we have used a number of communication simulation software products for our simulation exercises and I think that the Drill is the most comprehensive. I like the fact that it doesn’t just focus on social media, while this is an essential ingredient, social media has to be considered as part of the overall communication response efforts. The Drill allowed us to demonstrate this really well and then assess the consistency across all the communication channels.

Also, it is useful to have a tool that can be shared by both the crisis response team and the crisis communication team as a central, integrated platform.

Congratulations on a great tool.

I look forward to working with you again."
David H, Consultant VIC

"Everyone in the team has spoken about how much they got out of it, and it was a good opportunity for us to revisit our processes and emergency comms strategy, especially around the use of social media. It also provided some good food for thought around creative options we might be able to use."
Tracey V, Executive Communications Director, Local Government

"I thought the session was great. The depth of the information and the experiential nature of the workshop got across the challenges of our new environment in a way that was superior to a straight-up informational presentation. It’s a real plus that you have a framework for grasping and reacting to situations."
Tom Robertson, Director TIEMS North America

"It was actually quite confronting and exhausting."

"Your simulation got people thinking “Oh s**t, what am I going to do now?” even (for) some emergency managers that had actually been on the front line!"
Tommy R, USA

"It really tested our team's readiness for co-ordinated crisis communications."
Jenna, Issues Management, VIC

"I was clueless before I tried the Drill - but please don't name me admitting that."
Margaret, Senior Comms Adviser, NSW

"It's the closest I want to get to an online crisis: Scary but good!"
Jonathan P, Media Manager, VIC